Kovovýroba ZZ

Kovovýroba ZZ s.r.o.
Uničovská 2331/73
785 01 Šternberk

Phone: +420 585 011 630
Fax: +420 585 015 007

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We manufacture various products from wire, tubes, angular section of tubes, strip steel and sheet metal by bending, cutting, compression moulding on hydraulic presses, resistance welding, gas-shielded welding and also provide surface finish – electrogalvanizing or powder coating.

Wire straightening machines from Wafios company for working wires from 2 to 10 mm diameter

rovnačka drátů

3D bending centers from Wafios company for working wires from 2,5 to 13 mm diameter

bending centre cnc Wafios

Automatized welding working place from ABB company, where the robot ABB IRB 1600 is set

robot ABB IRB 1600

Automatized welding working place from YASKAWA company, where 2 robots MOTOMAN are set


Wire mesh resistance welding machine with throughput 1400 and 1500 mm

svařovací lis

CNC tube and angular section of tube machine

cnc ohýbačka trubek a jeklů

CNS Press-punch EUROMAC

CNS děrovací lis EUROMAC

Press-brake 80t and eccentric presses 10-100t

Gas-shielded welding

svařování v ochranné atmosféře