Kovovýroba ZZ

Kovovýroba ZZ s.r.o.
Uničovská 2331/73
785 01 Šternberk

Phone: +420 585 011 630
Fax: +420 585 015 007

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About the company Kovovýroba ZZ s.r.o.

MachineThe Kovovýroba ZZ s.r.o. is a private company in Šternberk in Olomouc region. It was founded in 1997 and there work about 45 employees in its own premises. The company has continued metal production tradition of Vzduchotechnika ŠTERNBERK. At the beginning our company exported sheet metal furniture so-called HOBBY cabinets. Subsequently the production technology has been focused on wire program (wire products).

At present the main production program consists in manufacturing various wire products, which are welded on a special technological equipment enabling to cope very high demanding orders of our customers. The company deals with production of various wire containers, racks, shelves, sale stands and equipment for supermarkets, hypermarkets etc. The best part of production is exported abroad (Germany, France, Denmark, Netherlands). Foreign partners have had high demands on quality of products and quick manufacturing of orders. Therefore the company keeps at disposal modern machines such as wire-straightening machines, 3D bending centers, wire mesh resistance welding machine, CNC tube banding machine, press-brake and automatized welding working place.

Kovovýroba ZZ s.r.o. is ready for manufacturing your orders in the highest quality.